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I understand that sometimes digital copies are required of your images for you to keep safe and perhaps print copies yourself or save until a later date, so I offer both prints and digital copies on a disc.  All prices are stated below.  I am in the process of enabling online purchases but for the time being you can order prints and digital copies by contacting me directly via telephone (07872037813) or by emailing me on maloney8@gmail.com Alternatively you can use the order form; just fill it in and send it back to me.  The order form can be found by clicking here or from the home page by clicking on the PDF tab.


                           RECTANGULAR PRINTS 
SIZE (")   COST (£)
6x4 - 6.00
9x6 - 11.00
12x8 - 15.00
15x10 - 20.00
18x12 - 22.00
24x16 - 40.00
30x20 - 55.00
36x24 - 70.00
60x40 - 250.00


                                 SQUARE PRINTS   
SIZE (")   COST (£)
4x4 - 4.50
6x6 - 6.00
8x8 - 12.00
10x10 - 14.50
12x12 - 17.00
16x16 - 24.00
20x20 - 35.00
24x24 - 70.00
40x40 - 145.00

Any orders under £50.00 are subject to a delivery charge.  All images are printed professioanlly. 

1st class delivery - £5.00 per order

Special Delivery - £10.00 per order


                                   DIGITAL COPIES
1-10 images - 20.00 per image
11-20 images - 15.00 per image
21+ images - 10.00 per image

If you have ordered a digital copy of an image in colour and would like a duplicate copy in Black & White (or vice versa) each duplicate is chargeable at £2.50 each, irrespective of the quantity.

Karen Maloney Photography cannot be held responsible for the colour or quality of any print unless ordered through Karen Maloney Photography.


Once an order has been placed, it will only be processed (and prints will only be ordered) once a 50% deposit has been paid.  The remaining balance will then be due on delivery. 


This information is available to view, download, print and save by clicking here, alternativley click on the PDF tab on the home page.

For further information please contact me.