Karen Maloney Photography | What You Need To Do




Let me know once your baby arrives and you are back home and settled.  As mentioned previously, these photographs ar ebest taken within the first ten day of your baby being born so the sooner you can let me know, the better. 

Depending on the time of year, you may need to turn your heating up a litte more than normal.  This is to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible during the more natural shots.  A cold baby usually results in an unhappy baby. 

I want you, as parents, to also be comfortable especially the baby's mum.  I understand that ten days in not that long after having a baby and I encourage you to wear comfortable clothing - I am not there to judge. 

The frame I use normally plays a large part in the images I take.  If you do not have enough space for this frame; please let me know prior to the session so we can arrange alternatives.  When choosing your space; opposite a window is always preferred. 


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