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Newborn photography sessions are best done within the first ten days after birth.  This is because within this time your baby will be at his/hers sleepiest and will not stir as easily.  You also tend to find that newborn babies will feed and then sleep...solidly; which is perfect for capturing those sleepy, care free, images.  Due to your baby's position in the womb, you may find that he/she will naturally 'curl up' when picked up; perfect for newborn photographs.  This 'curl up' reaction tends to disappear as your baby gets older.  Another reason for doing these photographs within the first ten days is that your baby is still very flexible and has little muscle control; making it much easier to position him/her into the required poses. 

Of course; the most important thing is that parents and baby/babies are home and well.  If it is not possible to arrange the shoot within the first ten days, don't worry; just contact me as soon as you are all ready. 


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